Being At Home

Aging in Place

~ anyplace, any age, any lifestyle ~

Being At Home consultation services focus on

what you feel is important to meet your needs

now and in the future.

Whether you live alone or with others, change can pose unexpected problems. Change impacts friends, family, neighbors, pets, etc. After many years of work in urban and rural homes of all types I know I can help create safe and functional spaces for a variety of people in a variety of settings. Throughout my career I have helped improve the independence, functional abilities, community mobility, and participation of

people with a variety of abilities.

Services are varied and may include,

but not limited to, services such as:

~ walk through assessment and recommendations for increased safety

~ home organization consulting

~ strategies for easier transition to new home

~ product/equipment review and recommendations

~ consultation with your home repair person, property management company, contractor, architect, etc. to insure the best design and products for your needs

~ family consultation and/or mediation of concerns

~ facilitation of communication with medical professionals

~ strategies for optimal benefit from care giving services

~ identification of community resources, transportation options, etc.

~ exploration of web based products for increased safety and communication with family

~ strategies for recreation, pet care, lawn/garden management, leisure pursuits, etc.

The most important aspect of my work is

to listen to you and

reach a strategy that works

for you.

Being At Home can provide recommendations to make your outcome fit your needs

now and in the future.**

Being At Home rates:

One time individual home assessment (one hour) $75.00

Additional visits/assessments $50.00

**Realtor, contractor, group, and other business rates available. 

**Being At Home does not provide Occupational Therapy services nor direct installation/construction services. I will consult with you ( and your contractors, therapists, architects, etc) to develop a plan that meets your needs.

Janet Neely, CAPS, COTA/L