A bit about me....

I am originally from Nashville, TN. I moved here for my first job at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in 1982. Since then I've had a great life and have loved my career. Now, as I get older, I realize there are other places and ways I can help make our community a stronger and more inclusive place. After many years of work in urban and rural homes of all types (as well as in clinical and academic settings) I know I can do much more for my community. (Please see the 'More Information' link above)

I have been very fortunate to have been welcomed into homes to 'brainstorm' and solve problems related to life and ability changes. Colleagues have called me "McGyver", I hope that wasn't a bad thing ;-). My philosophy is that 'less is best' and that there is usually a remedy for most problems.

I have been an Occupational Therapy practitioner for 35+ years. My focus has always been to help improve the independence, safety, community mobility and participation, and accessibility of people with a variety of physical and cognitive abilities. In addition to direct patient care I have experience in working with public and private groups, event organization, family and student education, and more.

It was my honor to be asked by AARP to participate in their HomeFit program. I have given this presentation in several locations and, most importantly, find this to be very user friendly to people at home.

Currently, I am honored to serve on the Mayor of Knoxville's Council on Disability Issues as well as the Knox County Health Department Senior Safety Task Force. I also enjoy working with our local AARP Carfit program on a regular basis to help keep folks driving more comfortably and safely.

I recently became an Ordained Minister of American Marriage Ministries in order to further serve our community.

In recent years I have become a part of the foster/rescue dog community. This has brought me great joy as well as knowledge of resources and techniques to safely keep your pet at home or, should you choose, to find a loving and secure home for your companion.

I successfully completed the BSA Scoutmaster Training Program in 1999 and led Troop 40 on a cross country back country trip through the Rockies and and brief camp at Philmont under the leadership of Scout Master Ray Dyke. This taught me many things, too many to include here.

Whether you live alone or with others, change can pose unexpected problems. Change impacts friends, family, neighbors, pets, etc. After many years of work in urban and rural homes of all types (as well as in clinical, residential facilities, and academic settings) I know I can help create safe and functional spaces for a variety of populations in a variety of settings. Throughout my career I have helped improve the independence, functional abilities, community mobility, and participation of

people with a variety of abilities.**

The most important aspect of my work has been to collaborate with clients to reach a strategy that works for them.

 *Being At Home does not provide Occupational Therapy services or direct installation/construction services. We will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.